Millcroft Inn’s Whole BBQ Turkey Recipe

Millcroft Inn's Whole BBQ Turkey Recipe

Roasting your turkey on the grill is a space saving method that leaves you with a tender and delicious turkey!

During the Holiday season the kitchen truly becomes the heart of home. There is nothing like the incredible smells of holiday baking and Christmas dinner filling the home – except when you’re running out of room in the oven! Cooking your turkey whole on the BBQ is not only a space saving method for many home cooks but it leaves you with a moist, tender and delicious turkey. 

With this recipe your classic turkey dinner is made even better with Millcroft’s Maple and Honey Glaze from Executive Chef, James Buder. 

How to BBQ a Whole Turkey 

To start, prepare your flavouring ingredients starting with a compound butter and your roasting liquid.

Compound butter:

½ pound butter whipped
¼ cup roasted garlic pureed
pinch thyme chopped
squirt of lemon juice
pinch rosemary chopped
pinch salt
pinch pepper


Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl until one consistency is achieved.  Lift the skin from the breast meat and rub compound butter onto the skin of turkey (do not tear the turkey skin), repeat with turkey legs.

Roasting liquid:

2ea carrot peeled and cut in half
2ea Spanish onion peeled and quartered
4 stocks celery cut in half
7ea garlic cloves
1 sprig thyme
1 sprig rosemary
2 litres chicken stock
pinch salt
pinch pepper


Place all vegetables and chicken stock in a roasting pan, place turkey on top of stock and vegetables. Season skin of turkey with salt and pepper.

Barbequing your Turkey 

Turning half of the BBQ on medium low, place the turkey on the side that IS NOT ON! The temperature of the BBQ should sit around 350F.  Timing for turkey is 25 minutes per pound or until internal temperature reaches 160F.

Millcroft Maple and Honey Glaze

½ cup maple
½ cup honey
4 T Dijon mustard
pinch rosemary
pinch thyme
1ea shallot
pinch salt
pinch pepper


Mix all ingredients, brush glaze on the turkey in the last 30-40 minutes of the cooking.  If done too early sugars will burn and turkey will be compromised. 

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