Maple syrup made at Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caledon

Millcroft Inn & Spa

Maple Syrup

Tap into Something Sugary Sweet

Spearheaded by our innkeeper, Bill Cutt, and Executive Chef,  we’ve been a proud producer of maple syrup at Millcroft Inn & Spa since 2017. During maple season, the 25 acres of maple trees are tapped to produce the pure maple syrup that is then used at our restaurant and spa, and is also available for purchase.

Twenty-five acres of maple trees located on grounds at Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caldon
Maple syrup available for purchase at Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caledon

Join Us For Magic of Maple

Annually, we host events in honour of maple season. This provides the opportunity for us to showcase our homemade maple syrup and celebrate Canadian traditions. During the Magic of Maple event, guests can enjoy maple-inspired cocktails, cuisine, pure maple syrup spa treatments and can partake in sugar bush tours to peek behind the scenes at our syrup process. House-made maple cookies and syrup are available for purchase, as supplies allow. 

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