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Gift Cards

Vintage Hotels’ Electronic Gift Cards (E-Cards)

Give the perfect gift for any occasion from Vintage Hotels, E-Gift Cards are redeemable all year at any Vintage Hotels’ properties or Food Niagara locations towards delicious dining, relaxing spa treatments or overnight accommodations.

Vintage Hotel Properties Include

Prince of Wales Hotel, Queen’s Landing Hotel, Pillar and Post Hotel, Moffat Inn, Millcroft Inn & Spa, Inn On The Twenty and Jordan House.

Food Niagara Locations Include

Noble Restaurant, Churchill Lounge and The Drawing Room – Prince of Wales Hotel; Tiara Restaurant and Bacchus Lounge – Queen’s Landing Hotel; Cannery Restaurant and Vintages Wine Bar – Pillar and Post Hotel; HobNob Restaurant and Lounge – Charles Hotel, Zees Grill – Shaw Club Hotel; Niagara’s Finest Thai; Masaki Sushi; Chili Jiao Restaurant and Butler’s Sports Bar & Grill.

At this time, purchase of e-cards are restricted to Canada and USA customers only.

If you reside outside of North America please contact our Luxury Travel Team at 1-888-669-5566 to purchase physical gift cards that will be shipped to the recipient.

Terms & Conditions

Important: Please read all the terms and conditions as gift cards are non-refundable once purchased.



    Our new E-Gift Cards are sent directly VIA EMAIL TO YOUR INBOX – no postage or printing required. You can forward the e-card from your inbox to your chosen recipient or if you would like to print it and put it in a card, you can do that too! Recipients can store the gift in their mobile device and present for scanning at the hotel or restaurant, or they can print it and bring in the paper copy.

    WARNING: Gift cards are non-refundable once purchased and Vintage Hotels is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

  • How to create an electronic gift card (or e-card):
    Step 1:

    Under “Customize your gift card”, choose the image to appear on the e-card. Use the left/ right arrows below the main image for more options.

    Step 2:

    Click or type in the desired dollar amount for each e-card. You can order up to 5 at a time, each at a preselected dollar amount, and send each one individually.

    For steps 3-6, please review the fields carefully for accuracy (spelling or grammatical errors; date to be sent) as this information cannot be changed once the purchase is completed.

    Step 3:

    Enter the EMAIL address of where you would like the Gift Card sent to. We RECOMMEND that you email it to yourself, and then forward it on to the actual recipient. This way, you will know that it was received.

    Step 4:

    In the “Recipient’s Name” field, enter the name(s) of the individual(s) that the Gift Card is TO.

    In the “Purchaser’s Name” field, enter the name(s) of the individual(s) that the Gift Card is FROM.

    NOTE: Special characters including #, $, %, & and * are not valid. (For example: Congratulations & Best Wishes Pat & Jordan SHOULD BE: Congratulations and Best Wishes Pat and Jordan)

    Step 5:

    In the “Message” field you can type in a personalized message for the recipient.

    NOTE: Special characters including #, $, %, & and * are not valid.

    STEP 6:

    The Delivery Date field will automatically default to today’s date. We strongly recommend you do not change the date as once selected that date cannot be modified. Please note that if you select a date in the future, your e-card will not be sent until that date.

    ***The recipient and purchaser name(s), along with the personal message, will only be included in the EMAIL. They will NOT show on the actual e-card. ***

    STEP 7:

    Click “Add to Cart”. All fields will clear so you can add additional e-cards to your order. SCROLL UP to the top of the form and you will see a shopping cart icon noting and the gift card amount and quantity you have added so far. 

    Step 8:

    Once you have ordered as many cards as you wanted, click the Shopping Cart icon OR click the yellow “Proceed to Checkout” button (you may need to SCROLL UP to review your Shopping Cart).

    STEP 9:

    If required, now is the time you can EDIT to make changes to an e-card or to DELETE it. 

    If you are ready to purchase, click on the yellow “Proceed” button to confirm your order.

    Step 10:

    Complete the billing information section.  The information entered here must be EXACTLY as it is with your credit card company, otherwise the transaction will not go through. 

    E-Gift Cards are activated immediately once the purchase has been completed, therefore all the information must match exactly for the transaction to process successfully.

    Step 11:

    Click on the yellow “Process Payment” button to complete your order.

    NOTE: The page may be blank after payment processing begins. DO NOT close or refresh the page until an Order Confirmation displays including the Gift Card Order Number.

    Step 12:

    Once your order has been processed, 2 emails will be sent. One contains the personalized message and link to Download the e-card, and the other is the receipt.

    The emails will come from Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive it in your inbox.

Need Assistance? If you are experiencing difficulties, please call us at 1-888-669-5566 between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily for assistance. If you are calling outside those hours, please leave a message with your name and telephone number and we will return your call the next day.

Electronic gift cards should be treated the same way as cash. They are not replaceable if lost or stolen.

We strongly encourage cardholders to register their cards once they receive them. This makes it easy to check their card balance, transaction history, or update their contact information.

Register your gift card.

We collect, use and process your data according to our Privacy Policy.

Please scroll up to continue to the gift card checkout process.

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