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Shaw Festival
in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Shaw Festival in Niagara-On-The-Lake

The Shaw Festival is a collection of theatre performances running from April 5th to October 15th in Niagara-on-the-lake. With 11 plays spread over 4 stages, the Shaw Festival is celebrating its 56th season with the new festival Artistic Director Tim Carroll. Originally inspired by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, the Festival now includes a diverse production of plays from the past and present, brought to life by a talented and celebrated cast and production crew.

Plan your visit to Niagara on the Lake

Vintage Hotels has four luxurious properties to choose from when you book your stay in Niagara on the Lake. Enjoy the festival and explore the town. Minutes away from Lake Ontario and the Niagara River, all our hotel properties are surrounded by great restaurants and entertainment, including being within walking distance or offering shuttle services to all the theatres hosting the Shaw Festival performances.

Performance Schedule

Apr 5 to Oct 15 – Me and My Girl
May 3 to Oct 15 – Saint Joan
Jul 8 to Oct 14 – Dracula
May 7 to Oct 8 – 1837: The Farmers' Revolt
Jun 6 to Oct 7 – Androcles and the Lion
Jun 8 to Oct 7 – Wilde Tales
Apr 11 to Oct 15 – The Madness of George III
May 14 to Oct 15 – Dancing at Lughnasa
Jul 16 to Oct 14 – An Octoroon
Jul 13 to Sep 10 – Middletown
May 1 to Oct 14 – 1979

Prince of Wales

Surround yourself in luxury during your Shaw Festival experience. This lavish property is centrally located in the heart of Niagara on the Lake. The Prince of Wales combines exquisite décor with award-wining amenities that offer you’re a taste of Niagara Royalty. Each of our rooms has a one-of-a-kind elegance; from the detailed ceilings to the unique furnishings.

The Prince of Wales will transform your Shaw Festival getaway into an unforgettable escape.

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Queen's Landing

Revel in refined elegance overlooking the Niagara River at Queen’s Landing. This hotel combines neo-classical style with contemporary amenities that will delight guests with a taste for sophistication. Our 140 guest rooms have a clean, neutral décor that is complemented by our staff’s extraordinary dedication to service.

Our waterfront manor will take your breath away, while you experience the decadence that will define your Shaw Festival getaway to Niagara on the Lake.

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Pillar and Post

Experience all that the Shaw Festival has to offer with the relaxed, upscale accommodations at the Pillar & Post in Niagara on the Lake. As Ontario’s only 5 Star country inn, Pillar & Post offers comfortable, contemporary guestrooms and award-wining amenities.

With Niagara-on-the-Lake’s only outdoor pool, award-wining 100 Fountain Spa, and the Cannery restaurant, Pillar & Post provides everything you need for a relaxing Shaw Festival getaway that you will be sure to remember.

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The Moffat Inn

Welcome to the warmth and country charm of the Moffat Inn. Located in the centre of Old Town, the Moffat Inn has all the quintessential elements to make your Shaw Festival getaway a relaxing and memorable.

Experience our exceptional service in your clean, cozy, cottage chic accommodations, that are walking distance to the Shaw Festival theatres.

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2017 Shaw Festival Performance Schedule

Me and My Girl
Me and My Girl

April 5 - October 15 @ Festival Theatre

A visit to the falls is never a disappointment. And with so many tourist attractions, the short, beautiful drive from Niagara-on-the-Lake is always worth it. Family friendly activities, exciting attractions and corny but fun museums await.

Official Site: Me and My Girl at the Shaw Festival
Saint Joan
Saint Joan

May 3 - October 15 @ Festival Theatre

Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan visits the life of teenaged Joan of Arc. This play asks the question: Was Joan really on a quest from God?

Official Site: Saint Joan at the Shaw Festival

July 8 - October 14 @ Festival Theatre

In Liz Lochhead's adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, vampires aren't the only thing that are feared; in this modern version of the classic, female desires frighten the men of Victorian England just as much as the monsters do.

Official Site: Dracula at the Shaw Festival
1837 The Farmer's Revolt
1837: The Farmers' Revolt

May 7 - October 8 @ Court House Theatre

Not willing to just let their land be taken by corrupt government officials, the struggling settlers of Canada's Upper forests take to Toronto's streets in protest in this classic, first seen in 1973.

Official Site: 1837: The Farmer's Revolt at the Shaw Festival
Androcles and the Lion
Androcles and the Lion

June 6 - October 7 @ Court House Theatre

It's easy to be pulled into Shaw's Androcles and the Lion - literally. This interactive play tells a comedic story of men waiting to be thrown into the lion pits of the Colosseum, and what they may have been thinking of.

Official Site: Androcles and the Lion at the Shaw Festival
Wilde Tales
Wilde Tales

June 8 - October 7 @ Court House Theatre

Oscar Wilde invites children into a magical world in this collection of four of his plays; The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Remarkable Rocket, and The Selfish Giant. All promise to enthrall and create wonder in the heart of any child that watched them - no matter the age.

Official Site: Wilde Tales at the Shaw Festival
The Madness of George III
The Madness of George III

April 11 - October 15 @ Royal George Theatre

Alan Bennet's play explores the human side of the monarchy in The Madness of George III. When the king's mind and body start to deteriorate, what happens to the State?

Official Site: The Madness of George III at the Shaw Festival
Dancing at Lughnasa
Dancing at Lughnasa

May 14 - October 15 @ Royal George Theatre

In 1930's Ireland, five women struggle to exist in a land that equally fills their hearts with sorrow and moves their feet to dance.

Official Site: Dancing at Lughnasa at the Shaw Festival
An Octoroon
An Octoroon

July 16 - October 14 @ Royal George Theatre

A play about racial tolerance from 1859 is given new breath by young playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. An Octoroon explores the attitudes towards race from then and now in a hilarious -and intensely uncomfortable- way.

Official Site: An Octoroon at the Shaw Festival

July 16 - October 14 @ Jackie Maxwell Studio Theatre

Average people in an average town pursuing that most average human desire - to matter. Watch as a town full of people go searching for love in the most unusual ways.

Official Site: Middletown at the Shaw Festival

May 1 - October 14 @ Jackie Maxwell Studio Theatre

View the short-lived career of Joe Clark, one of Canada's least celebrated prime minister, through the eyes of Michael Healey, Canada's most celebrated playwright.

Official Site: 1979 at the Shaw Festival