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Explore this historic Niagara-on-the-Lake property

The building now known as Pillar and Post was first built in the 1890s as a canning factory for peaches and tomatoes. Originally known as Factory 13, the cannery was regarded as one of the foremost producers of quality produce in the Niagara Region.

In 1914, at the onset of the war, the cannery's upper floor was converted to a supply storeroom for several hundred Polish soldiers being trained in Canada. In 1957, the last can came down the line at Factory 13. Later that year the cannery reopened as a basket manufacturer until 1970 when the building was converted into a restaurant and craft centre.

In 1972, 35 guestrooms were built and it was renamed The Pillar and Post Inn. Guestrooms grew to 122 with a major addition in 1994. The original post and beam construction of the 19th century structure is still evident today in the main wall in the sunlit lobby and throughout the restaurant.

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