The Waterfalls of the Niagara Benchlands

Waterfalls of the Niagara Benchlands

Explore the Great Outdoors in the Niagara Benchlands

The stresses of everyday life can sometimes overwhelm us, and occasionally, we all need to take a moment to exhale. Located within the breathtaking scenery of the Niagara Benchlands, Inn On The Twenty offers a beautiful setting to explore and reconnect with nature, all while providing the modern luxury you need to make your escape unforgettable. While planning your next adventure, check out the following waterfalls for a striking, scenic view that you’ll want to visit again and again. 

Explore Ball’s Falls & Twenty Mile Creek

Ball's Falls waterfall in the Niagara Benchlands

Located just a short drive away from Jordan Village, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area is set amongst rugged rock and lush greenery, making it a perfect place to explore. The Twenty Mile Creek ends in a large waterfall over the cliffs and is accessible both from above and below the falls. With its stunning views, it’s no wonder that this is a favourite for special events and festivals. Beyond its natural beauty, discover the original Ball home, a working flour mill, a church, and much more.

Witness the beauty and sheer power of the Twenty Mile Creek, which stretches across the Niagara escarpment and is the second largest watershed in the area. Following the Twenty Mile Valley trail, which can be accessed directly from Inn On The Twenty, you will be led to Ball’s Falls, where you can take in the natural wonder.

Hike the trails to Rockway Falls

Rockway Falls in the Niagara Benchlands

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Just a short drive away from Inn On The Twenty, Rockway Falls offers spectacular views of two waterfalls, which reach up to 19.5 meters high. Hike up the trail into the valley, go birdwatching, and enjoy the natural splendour of the forest. 

Walk the Swayze Falls Trail

Swayze Falls in the Niagara Benchlands

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Travel to Short Hills Park in the Niagara Benchlands to catch a glimpse of the Swayze Falls, which is accessible from the west side of the park. With a viewing platform along the right bank, you’ll be able to take in the spectacular sight with ease. If you’re feeling adventurous, follow the footpath along the top of the waterfall to explore the bedrock channel above. 

Visit Picturesque Louth Falls

Louth Falls in the Niagara Benchlands

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One of the area’s best-kept secrets, the Louth Falls descend over majestic limestone rock, creating a picturesque scene ideal for photography. Louth Conservation Area is situated on the Sixteen Mile Creek and has access to the Bruce Trail.  

Plan Your Escape to the Niagara Benchlands 

With hiking, birdwatching, and magnificent waterfalls just a short trip away, Inn On The Twenty is the ideal place to plan your stay in the Niagara Benchlands. Escape back to nature, and when you’re ready to unwind, enjoy all the luxurious amenities we have to offer, from fine dining to our full-service spa. We have packages to suit any guest. Contact us today to find a getaway that lets you escape in style. 

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