10 Best Spa Treatments Worth Splurging on in Ontario

Luxurious spa treatment at Vintage Hotels

We live in a culture obsessed with busyness and getting things done. Too infrequently do we decide to spoil ourselves and prioritize our health, wellness and enjoyment. Put aside your guilt about taking time for yourself and experience the best spa treatments in Niagara-on-the-Lake at Vintage Hotels. Splurge on spa treatments from massages, pedicures and facials that are designed to revitalize your mind, body and spirit. Book your spa escape today and breathe a deep sigh of satisfaction as you steep in the freedom of a stress-free getaway.

In the meantime, enjoy fantasizing about the following splurge-worthy spa treatments.

Secret Garden Spa at Prince of Wales in Niagara on the Lake

1. Green Tea Pedicure at Secret Garden Spa 

Everyone loves the detoxifying potency of green tea. With its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, one of the world’s favourite teas can reduce skin irritations and redness, while restoring an effervescent glow. Apply all these feel- and look-good components to a pedicure, within the Secret Garden Spa at Prince of Wales, and leave your feet feeling smooth, supple and ready to slip into your favourite pair of open-toed shoes.

2. Purple Feet Pedicure at 100 Fountain Spa  

If you’d like to switch out your green tea for something a little stronger, try our Purple Feet Pedicure, a signature treatment within our 100 Fountain Spa at Pillar and Post. This unique pedicure is an ode to the richness of our local grapes and their beautifying antioxidant properties. In honour of our flavourful region, dip your toes into the grapes and exfoliate away your cares for a fresher step in a stunning Niagara evening.

3. Fire & Ice Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure at Millcroft Spa  

Put the elements to work during this dynamic manicure and pedicure at Millcroft Spa. Our Fire & Ice Deluxe treatment helps soothe sore, overworked muscles, using the warming power of an Eco-Fin Herbal melt. This signature treatment includes a cooling marine foot and leg exfoliation as well as the refined nail and cuticle grooming and sophisticated natural polish we’re renowned for.

4. Hammam Body Ritual at Millcroft Spa  

Allow yourself to be fully cocooned within a warming, hydrating wrap that will detoxify and clarify your skin. The Hammam Body Ritual, performed within Millcroft Spa, is the ideal treatment for someone seeking pure indulgence that shines through their skin. With a warm argan oil application to enhance your body’s glow, moisture and youthfulness, you will leave our pristine spa with irresistibly touchable skin.

Spa on the Twenty in Jordan Village – Vintage Hotels

5. Sea Holistic Treatment at Spa On The Twenty

With a focus on full-body relaxation, the Sea Holistic Treatment has a touch of everything. During this signature treatment at Spa On The Twenty, our aestheticians will gently exfoliate your skin, readying you for a warm lavender massage that will allow for head-to-toe restoration. Following a mini facial, you will leave this treatment feeling soothed, invigorated, and soft.

6. Pregnancy Massage at Spa On The Twenty

Pregnancy is an enchanting time, with much of the experience involving a magical transition towards motherhood. With that said, during those 9 months, your body changes a great deal as it prepares to welcome new life into the world. With this miracle can come stiffness, strain and swelling. Allow yourself some true you time before baby comes and receive a stimulating yet gentle massage from our registered massage practitioners who will pamper you in the safest ways possible.

Secret Garden Spa at Prince of Wales in Niagara on the Lake

7. Couples Massage at Secret Garden Spa

Reconnect with your favourite person by enjoying either an aromatherapy or deep tissue massage together. Our massage practitioners can either treat a specific problem or simply focus all their attention on helping relieve bodily tension and restore a sense of calm to your body and romance. Give your relationship – and muscles – the tender, loving care needed to feel rejuvenated and prepare for a much-needed respite within romantic wine country.

8. Excellage Facial at 100 Fountain Spa

One of our most innovative treatments, the Excellage Facial engages with Institut Esthederm’s most advanced and luxuriant facial. Using their signature “smart polysaccharide”, this facial resets the skin’s communication system to generate a noticeably smoother, firmer look and feel. Targeted towards deep rejuvenation, this plumping treatment reduces the look of wrinkles in a deep, long-lasting way. Benefit from a revered Global Cellular Protection patent that fundamentally shifts the cellular aging process and nourishes every layer of your skin.

Millcroft Spa in Caledon, Ontario

9. Chakra Balancing Ritual at Millcroft Spa

This truly unique and spectacular treatment provides benefits that reach far beyond the doors of our Millcroft Spa. Guided by your intuition, this light touch energy balancing treatment will help bring your body’s seven chakras into alignment, stabilizing imbalances and encouraging a sense of peacefulness that may have gotten lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

10. Weekender Holistic Treatment at 100 Fountain Spa

Reflexology offers many benefits. Using strategic applications of pressure, this treatment offers a wide range of health benefits by addressing issues with your vital energy. As your qi is more readily able to flow, you will feel healthier and more balanced. Not only does the Weekender Holistic Treatment nurture your qi, but it also includes a deliciously creamy shea butter body wrap to give your skin a more even and luminescent tone.

Invest in your Health and Wellness within our Vintage Hotels’ Spas

The best thing about a spa weekend with Vintage Hotels is that you don’t have to choose just one signature spa treatment. Our massage practitioners, reflexologists and aestheticians can work together to treat you from head to toe. Dependent on your wants and needs, we will make recommendations that align with your best interests, lifestyle and skin type.

Book your spa treatment today and discover the difference that a truly refined spa atmosphere can make when you decide to invest in yourself.

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