How to Plan Your Wedding Guest Accommodations

How to Plan Your Wedding Guest Accommodations

When preparing for your upcoming wedding, it’s important to consider how to plan your wedding guest accommodations, particularly if your guests are visiting from out of town. Choosing accommodations that offer great amenities enhances the experience for all involved! Check out our best tips for planning wedding guest accommodations that will treat your guests to a memorable stay they’ll cherish.

A cozy wedding venue with brick walls and warm lighting.

Decide on a Venue

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To narrow down your options, consider the kind of wedding you want. Are you looking for a small, intimate reception with only your closest family and friends? Or a grand celebration to host hundreds of guests?

Think about the desired atmosphere and choose a venue to match. Would you prefer a formal affair with black cocktail dresses and tuxedos? Or are you after something more relaxed and casual?

For ceremonies and receptions large or small, we have over 20 unique wedding venues to choose from, varying in size and style for a wide range of weddings. Whether you’d like a large, formal setting, such as our Georgian Ballroom, or an elegant, intimate dining room like Hampton Court, you’ll find a venue to suit your needs.

A bedroom that is part of a guest block, rented out to many guests in a group.

Reserve a Guest Block

A guest block is a block of rooms that a hotel sets aside exclusively for your guests, usually at a special rate that you agree upon ahead of time.

Reserving a guest block simplifies your guests’ lives: they don’t have to research a place to stay, they remain close to your venue, and they get a discount on their accommodations.

We have a variety of guestrooms across our locations to suit any preference, from our comfortable Traditional Guestrooms to premium Suites, all outfitted with our signature vintage-chic flair.

Wedding guests enjoying cocktails at Churchill Lounge before a wedding

Plan Guest Activities

Planning fun guest activities is a great way to show your appreciation, particularly if your guests are traveling to attend your wedding.

Welcome bags are both thoughtful and useful, particularly for out-of-town guests. Add helpful items like a local map and directions to your venue, essentials like sunscreen or bug spray depending on the weather, and practical additions like a wedding day emergency kit with safety pins, band-aids, and toothpicks. Don’t forget to include fun extras like packaged snacks or mini bottles of champagne!

Plan a welcome party to greet everyone and share information about the big day. Going for cocktails is a good choice for a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and what better venue than our own Churchill Lounge at Prince of Wales or Vintages Wine Bar & Lounge at Pillar and Post?

Seat at the Secret Garden Spa at the Prince of Wales hotel.

Let Your Wedding Double as a Vacation

Many guests will want their trip to double as a vacation. After all, why stop at a one-night stay when you’re in a fabulous location with so much to explore?

Choosing a location with ample amenities is an excellent way to keep your guests entertained. Our Victorian manor at Prince of Wales is also home to Secret Garden Spa, our full-service spa offering relaxing treatments to soothe body and mind. Having fantastic dining options available also sweetens the deal for your guests, who will appreciate the five-star, farm-to-table cuisine at our award-winning Tiara Restaurant at Queen’s Landing.

Delight Your Guests with a Stay at Vintage Hotels

Providing an exceptional guest experience is our passion, and your wedding guests are no exception. When you book with us, we’ll take care of everything from venues to catering to accommodations. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly wedding planners, who will help you plan every detail of your special day and leave your guests fondly reminiscing for years to come.

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