Why Does the Niagara Region Have So Many Vineyards?

Vineyard in the Niagara Region

The Niagara Benchlands, located on the Niagara Escarpment, is home to hundreds of acres of vineyards. Situated between the Great Lakes, its cool, mild climate is ideal for producing the full-bodied, complex flavours present in every glass of Niagara wine. The limestone-rich soil of the region compares to similar soil found in Burgundy and other wine-producing regions of France, meaning that some of the finest wine money can buy can be enjoyed right here in the Benchlands.

Thanks to the favourable growing conditions and climate, Niagara wine country has over 50 wineries to explore. Here are a few vineyards we recommend you visit on your next trip.

Vineyards to Explore in Niagara Wine Country

Cave Spring Vineyard

Cave Spring Vineyard, a winery located in the Niagara Region

Cave Spring Vineyard began in 1920, producing fantastic fine wines for over a hundred years. They helped pioneer the cultivation of European grape varieties in Ontario, which continue to produce the incredible Riesling and Chardonnay they’re known for. Sip on their fruity, slightly acidic 2020 Riesling Estate, which is produced from some of their oldest vines to create exceptional flavour.

Enjoy a flight of four spectacular wines when you book a tasting, curated for you by their knowledgeable staff.

Sue-Ann Staff Winery

Sue-Ann Staff Winery, located in the Niagara Region

Built on a 200-year-old estate, Sue-Ann Staff Winery prides itself on its premium selection of icewines—a Niagara favourite! Their award-winning 2016 Cabernet Franc Icewine is a luscious, unique wine that boasts notes of rich oak, fresh strawberry, and flavourful cedar. They’re currently serving their Winter Wine Flight at their tasting tables, featuring a curated selection of their best-selling premium wines.

The Foreign Affair Winery

Producing outstanding wine for nearly 20 years in Niagara’s Twenty Valley, The Foreign Affair Winery takes its inspiration from the Amarone-style wines of Italy. This old-world method of winemaking involves dehydrating the grapes to concentrate the flavour, creating bolder, richer wines. Famous for their bold red wines, they offer their Barrel Lounge Tastings with four exquisite wines of your choice. Try their 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon for a full-bodied vintage that will delight your palate.


Located in Jordan Village and run by passionate staff with decades of winemaking experience, Creekside is a unique winery that isn’t afraid to go against the grain to produce the best-quality wine. Despite being considered out of sync with the typical grapes grown in Benchlands, Creekside is known for their signature Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah wines. Their award-winning Sauvignon Blanc is a must-try for white wine lovers, and thankfully, Creekside offers tastings where you’ll sample three of their fantastic wines while enjoying some delicious cheese and charcuterie.

Retreat to Wine Country with Vintage Hotels

Inn On The Twenty is your destination for relaxation as you discover the Benchlands. With its cozy accommodations, delicious dining, and proximity to the best vineyards in Niagara, there’s no better way to explore wine country.

We’ve covered just a sampling of the many fantastic vineyards that call the Niagara Benchlands home, but there’s so much more to discover in the heart of wine country. Book your weekend getaway at Inn On The Twenty and learn why our modern country inn is the destination for Ontario wine lovers everywhere!

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