Wedding Flower Trends 2024

2024 wedding flower trends

From roses to lilies and everything in between, floral arrangements are the cornerstone of any wedding’s décor. Trends come and go, and our in-house florist, Clippings Floral Design, keeps an eye on the latest ideas that brides and grooms are loving to ensure that only the most beautiful, eye-catching florals are featured in our weddings. Check out some of the trends that our florist named as favourites for 2024 and find some fresh ideas for your own arrangements!

Vibrant floral arrangements, a 2024 wedding flower trend

Vivid Colour Palettes

Image courtesy of Clippings Floral Design

Vibrant, fashion-inspired colour palettes will be all the rage in 2024! Think bright pinks, vivid purples, and jewel tones like blues, olive greens, and rusty shades. Earth tones like white, blush, and cream also remain popular. The use of bold colour this year means that less greenery is being featured to allow them to shine.

Dainty bouquets, a 2024 wedding flower trend

Dainty Bouquets

For years, we saw wedding parties carrying oversized bouquets, stuffed with as many flowers as we could fit! As beautiful as these bouquets are, they’re often difficult to carry around all day while posing for photos, eating, and dancing.

Enter the dainty bouquet. It’s every bit as lovely as the large bouquets of past seasons, but scaled back to allow the dresses, jewellery, and other décor to take centre stage. We love the delicate, elegant look they lend to any ceremony.

Living floral arrangements, a 2024 wedding flower trend

Living Floral Arrangements

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing stunning décor? Many couples are foregoing cut flowers for potted, living arrangements that lessen their impact on the environment. When planning your wedding, choose to decorate your aisles with dense, potted flowers, grass clusters, or other plants. As an added bonus, potted arrangements can easily be reused in your home or garden, allowing you to keep them for years to come as a gorgeous, living memento of this special day in your life.

A floral pocket square, a 2024 wedding flower trend

The Floral Pocket Square

This charming trend for 2024 features a pocket square made of small flowers instead of the traditional boutonniere. Often featuring stunning earth tones and hues of white and blush, these floral pocket squares make for a beautiful accent to any groom’s attire.

Cake florals, a wedding flower trend of 2024

Matching Cake Florals

Image courtesy of Inn On The Twenty

Whether you go simple or elaborate with your cake design, flowers are always an excellent complement that enhance your cake’s beauty. This year, we’re seeing many couples matching the flowers on their cake with the florals used in the rest of their wedding, creating an elegant, cohesive floral theme throughout the ceremony and reception. Try this trend if you love a unified, monochromatic look like we do!

Single flower bouquets, a wedding flower trend of 2024

Single Flower Selections

Image courtesy of Rooted Photo

One of our favourite trends this season is selecting a few well-chosen florals to feature all over your wedding, instead of diverse arrangements. Many brides and grooms are choosing one or two of their favourite blooms and clustering them all over their venue for a beautiful, unified look that makes a statement. Popular varieties include roses, peonies, and ranunculus, according to our in-house florist.

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