Wedding Cake Trends 2023

Newlyweds cutting their wedding cake

Your wedding cake is the centrepiece of your reception, so why not make it reflect your personal style? At Vintage Hotels, our expert wedding planners are eager to help you design a cake that looks and tastes incredible with the help of our talented pastry chefs. Check out this year’s wedding cake trends for some creative inspiration, and then contact our team to make it happen!

Wedding Dress-Inspired Wedding Cakes

Wedding dress inspired wedding cake, a 2023 wedding cake trend

If you love traditional white weddings and classic cake styles, try modeling the design of your cake after details of your wedding dress! Lace fondant patterns, piping inspired by embroidery, and ruffled buttercream are just a few ways you can mimic the design of your dress on your cake to tie everything together beautifully.

Waterfall and Spiral Wedding Cakes

A waterfall wedding cake, a 2023 wedding cake trend

Cascading flowers are nothing new for wedding cakes, but some couples have taken it to the next level with waterfall and spiral cakes! Our pastry chefs can use real flowers, spun sugar, or other decorations to create a spiral or cascading effect around your cake gives it a sense of movement and looks elegant and romantic.

Naked Wedding Cakes

A naked wedding cake, a 2023 wedding cake trend

Sometimes, simple really is better! Naked cakes embrace the beauty of simplicity by icing between the cake layers and leaving the outside edges mostly or completely exposed. They’re often adorned simply as well, with a few large flowers on the top tier and not much else, making the cake itself the focal point. Bonus: these cakes tend to taste better as well, since they usually use buttercream and forego fondant, which many people aren’t a fan of.

Textured Wedding Cakes

A textured wedding cake, a 2023 wedding cake trend

Chic textured cakes are in, particularly ones that use trowel patterns to make pretty, simple decorations on the cake. Draw from modern art and minimalistic designs for inspiration with this trend. Using different textures makes your cake unique and draws the eye in a pleasing way, making it stand out on your dessert table. Other patterns like brush strokes, stencils, and crinkled paper are also trendy, and the only limit is your imagination!

Pressed-Floral Wedding Cakes

A pressed floral wedding cake, a 2023 wedding cake trend

Drying and pressing flowers has become a trend for wedding décor, and now you can also enjoy this whimsical trend on your wedding cake. Large flowers have always been in for wedding cakes, but this trend allows you to take a more subtle approach with smaller blooms that add cute pops of colour to any cake. Choose vibrant, food-safe flowers like lavender, chamomile, or roses.

Lambeth Cakes

A lambeth wedding cake, a 2023 wedding cake trend

These ornate, elaborately decorated cakes are adorably vintage and always classy! Lambeth cakes feature detailed piping designs, rosettes in icing, and cherries on top for that classic retro vibe. For even more retro fun, have your cake made in a heart shape with pastel colours.

Plan Your Dream Wedding with Vintage Hotels

At Vintage Hotels, we’re almost as passionate about your special day as you are, and that’s why if you dream it, we can create it! Our experienced wedding planners are always looking for ways to bring your vision to life and make the process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. Contact us today to get started on planning the best day of your life with our award-winning venues, catering, and much more, all at your service!

*Thank you to Clyde Pereira, Pastry Chef at Inn On The Twenty, for his insight and cake designs featured within this blog!

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