Vegetables to Plant in August

A person holds a crop of carrots in their hands

By August, gardening season is not over! With many of your early vegetable crops completing their yield, there is opportunity to plant and harness a second round of vegetables. Use these helpful tips compliments of Clippings Floral Design for a hearty fall harvest. Make the most of your growing season with just a little planning ahead and plan to plant this August.

How To

🥕 When early crops such as peas, garlic and lettuce are done for the season you can quickly amend your beds and have an empty space for fall crops. 

🥕 Crops like kale, carrots, beets, radishes and even a second planting of potatoes are all possibilities.

🥕 The one thing that you need to watch is the days to maturity of your crop compared to when your last frost date is for your area. 

🥕 Most of these crops need about 8 weeks to mature which is perfect for planting in the beginning of August. 

🥕 Just remember to keep your seedlings well watered on those hot August days until they get well established. 

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