Top 10 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2019

Intimate wedding venue at the Pillar and Post Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Just like great fashion, weddings are influenced by preferences that ebb and flow with time, so we’ve created a list of the 2019 wedding trends you may want to incorporate into your special day.

Even the most classic bride may be looking for some modern influences to add elements of surprise and flare to her wedding day. So, consider how some of the following trends may elevate your ceremony and celebration, then allow our expert planning team at Vintage Hotels to help implement every detail to create a truly spectacular event.

Intimate Weddings with Your Closest Loved Ones

Intimate Wedding Venue at Pillar & Post In Niagara-on-the-Lake
Intimate Wedding Spaces in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Gone are the days when bigger necessarily mean better. More and more, sophisticated couples are beginning to recognize the value in focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to planning their wedding guest list. Smaller weddings not only mean you have more of an opportunity to share in the most special moments of your celebration with those you hold most dear, but by keeping the event intimate, you will have more resources to make it extravagant and truly personal.

Bold, Deep Colour Schemes for Wedding Décor

Deep Wedding Colour Scheme
Beautiful Bold Wedding Colour Schemes – Image courtesy of Lisa Vigliotta

Pretty in pastel is no longer the focus of wedding colour schemes in 2019. Instead, wedding planners and couples are leveraging gorgeous deep, dark palettes for their decorations. From bold flower arrangements that incorporate burgundy, forest green and navy through to deep-set table runners and centrepieces, dazzling jewel tones are the trendiest colours for adding elegant and eye-catching décor to your big day.

Conscious Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding should be a representation of you: your values, lifestyle and relationship. For some couples, this means staying true to their social and environmental conscience. There are many ways of doing this – from asking for donations instead of gifts through to focusing on serving local, organic and responsibility farmed foods.

To support your vision of a conscious ceremony, Vintage Hotels can help you plan an exceptional menu that features the produce and meats of local farmers. Don’t sacrifice flavour or quality; instead, serve organic VQA wines and farm-to-table ingredients that you’ll be proud to share with your guests, while also feeling comfortable you’re doing a great deed.

Weddings That Offer Exceptional Experiences

Niagara-on-the-Lake Wedding
Stunning Niagara Spaces & Backdrops – Image courtesy of Liat Aharoni Photography

Couples and their loved ones are starting to realize that jam-packing all the travel and events, typically associated with a wedding, into one day can add stress and take away from the enjoyment and indulgence of one of the most special events you’ll ever plan.

That’s why more brides and grooms are planning weddings that incorporate experiences. Whether a weekend-long affair with wine-tasting and a game of golf best suits your tastes or you want your guests to take part in a scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake tour, our planning staff at Vintage Hotels can help you extend your wedding from a one-day celebration to a multitude of experiences where even more memories will be created.

Friday & Sunday Wedding Celebrations

Couples are opting for more minimalistic, yet meaningful celebrations and opting for quaint wedding festivities on Friday or Sunday, as opposed to the traditional weekend-long celebrations. With modern families and couples being busier than ever, this gives guests the chance to take part in the romantic celebration, without sacrificing an entire weekend away.

Minimalistic Wedding Décor & Details – Inspired by Meghan Markle

The most recent royal wedding came, saw and conquered the hearts (and style preferences) of most viewers, so it’s only natural that the blushing princess is inspiring her contemporaries with her dedication to minimalism.

2019 wedding trends are paying ode to the new royal wedding in a number of ways. Whether it’s a long-sleeved wedding dress that highlights the bride’s features far more than the embellishments or subtle décor that boasts soft flowers and light sparkle, we’re seeing lots of brides who want to prioritize simplicity, quality and sophistication over the fuss, fluff and flamboyance of previous years.

The First Look

First Look Wedding Photos in Niagara-on-the-Lake
First Look Wedding Photo’s – Image Courtesy of Haskell Photography

Weddings can be overwhelming, and the focus can fall away from the bride and groom faster than they realize. Couples are beginning to take back the intimacy of the day by sharing a private first look. This helps nervous couples quell their nerves before they see all their guests. Plus, this sneak preview adds so much romance to the start of the event by enveloping the soon-to-be newlyweds into a secret only they are privy to.

At each of our Vintage Hotels properties, we have several private areas for photos and first looks, so while the wedding attendees wait in extraordinary ballrooms or flower gardens, our couples can enjoy the privacy they need to focus on one another.

Stay on trend with Vintage Hotels in Niagara-on-the-Lake

No matter which trends you love (or hate), it’s essential to choose the right location and venue long before you begin deciding on décor and details. Vintage Hotels offers multiple venue spaces for weddings in Niagara-on-the-Lake of every size and style. Contact our wedding planning team today to learn all about our award-winning catering, services, experiences and venue options. We look forward to building your dream wedding where you’ll make memories that outlast any timely trend.

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