Summer Lilac Care

Flowers from Clipping's Floral Design in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Late spring or early summer is the ideal time to prune your lilac bushes and it’s easy with these helpful tips compliments of Clippings Floral Design. Once your lilacs have finished blooming for the year it’s time to give them a good pruning to keep your plant healthy for years to come. It is easy to know where to prune because you are essentially deadheading the spent flower heads.

How To

🌺 Using clean sharp pruners cut at the base of each flower cluster just above the two new shoots that angle out from the stem under the flower head.

🌺 Once all the deadheading is done, take a look at the rest of the bush and remove any dead, diseased or unproductive branches at the ground. 

🌺 Also, if you have a dense bush it is best to remove some canes to allow for healthy airflow. 

🌺 Suckers that are straying too far from the plant should also be removed at ground level.

🌺 If your lilac bush is getting too tall to enjoy the fragrant flowers then you can also cut the branch back to a pair of side shoots instead of just at the base of the flowers. This will also encourage more blooms at eye level for the following year!

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