Simple Easter Tablescape Idea

Simple Easter tablescapre idea from Vintage Hotels.

Transform your Easter table with this stunning spring display by Clippings Floral Design.

Using a combination of mini daffodils and colourful Easter eggs, this tablescape idea invites you to let your imagination bloom with beautiful colors and fresh blossoms.

What you will need

🐣 Potted mini daffodils (or other spring bulb)

🐣 Potting soil

🐣 Sheet moss

🐣 Colourful eggs

🐣 White/cream bowls

How to Assemble

  1. Purchase 4” potted spring bulbs at your local florist or garden centre.
  2. Any type of spring bulb will work but mini daffodils or muscari work the best because they are full and compact, tulips tend to stretch and fall over.
  3. Also take note of how far along the plant is, if your dinner is within a few days buy plants that are just starting to bloom. If you want to start early and enjoy your table set up for longer, buy plants that haven’t started showing colour on the blooms yet.
  4. Buy matching white/cream bowls, the number of bowls and plants will depend on the length of your dining table. These can be found at dollar stores or home décor stores. For a more eclectic look try shopping at thrift or antique stores for vintage ironstone pieces that don’t need to match but will coordinate with each other. Whatever you choose just ensure that they are deep and wide enough to fit your 4” potted plant without falling over.
  5. Source multi-coloured eggs from your local farmers market or road side stand. Different breeds of chickens lay eggs in a rainbow of colours from white to blue/green to brown. If you don’t have access to colourful eggs try dying eggs in pale coloured dyes for a similar look. 
  6. Another nice addition is tiny spotted quail eggs which are available in some grocery stores.
  7.  Once you have everything gathered pot up your plants into the bowls you have chosen. 
  8. To do this remove the bulbs from the plastic grower pot and place directly into the bowl. They may fit perfectly or you may need to add a bit of potting soil around the edges to pot them securely. 
  9. Add green sheet moss to cover the soil.  Please remember to not overwater as there will be no drainage holes in your decorative bowls.
  10. Arrange your colourful eggs in the remaining bowls.
  11. When it is time to set your table place bowls of eggs and plants alternatively down the length of your table.
  12. Accent with coordinating dishware and napkins.
  13. Next snip flowers, one or so from each plant and lie them at each place setting for a finished look.

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