Shopping in the Niagara Benchlands

Shopping in the Niagara Benchlands - Vintage Hotels

Discover the hidden secrets of the Niagara Benchlands with its charming array of boutiques and nearby shopping attractions. This Ontario staycation destination should be on your must-visit list. Find truly unique shopping destinations that serve as reminders as to why online shopping will never really replace the perfect pastime of window shopping and store wandering.

Learn about some of the best-loved stores and best-kept shopping secrets in Jordan Village and plan your next getaway in the land of exceptional wining, dining and shopping.


High-quality shopping in the Niagara Benchlands.

Arezzo has remained a local and tourist favourite since 1998. With high-quality styles that reflect modern women and their desire to look and feel their best, Arezzo offers a wide selection of apparel, shoes, handbags and jewellery made by recognizable names you won’t readily find in big box stores.

Frankie Sez Hatters

Owned and operated by a local family who is passionate about hats and headwear, Frankie Sez Hatters is in the business of topping expectations. Frankie’s hats are odes to the family’s Italian heritage, and each hat – casual or formal – gives the wearer a sense of worldliness. Stepping into this shop in the Niagara Benchlands will ensure you gain a completely new appreciation for the craftsmanship of the cap.

Heritage Gift Shop

An emblematic and enthusiastically celebrated shop, this boutique is renowned for preserving the rich history of Jordan Village. Combining the perfect souvenirs with the town’s tastiest fudge, the Heritage Gift Shop is authentically a little taste of Jordan Village – as it is today and as it has always been: picturesque, vibrant and dedicated to cultivating great taste.

Jordan Art Gallery

Jordan Art Gallery providing memorable shopping in the Niagara Benchlands

Home to nine proprietors of Canadian art, the Jordan Art Gallery is typically abuzz with one – or several – of the featured artists whose masterpieces adorn the gallery’s walls. You will be awed by the wide selection of works displayed within this gorgeous heritage boutique. Plus, your visit will be as memorable as it is educational regarding contemporary media in its many forms.

Moncer Specialty Flooring

World-renowned viticulture is not the only thing we harvest in Jordan Valley. At Moncer Specialty Flooring, you can choose to transform the look and feel of your home with sustainably harvested flooring from Europe. Defined by careful finishes and fine grains, Moncer floors are designed to elevate homes with a discerning degree of luxuriant elegance.

Northern Expressions

In the Niagara Benchlands, we are proud to celebrate the contemporary and historical contributions of Indigenous peoples across Canada. Northern Expressions, located in Jordan Village, lives our commitment to truth and reconciliation by showcasing the indomitable spirit of Canada’s first peoples through their original carvings, paintings and creative works. Not only do you get to view these works of art, but there are also special gifts for purchase to share the stories of Indigenous people with those you love.


Pamela’s, offering fashion-forward shopping in the Niagara Benchlands

When function meets formal and funky, you will discover Pamela’s – a fashion-forward shop that has filled Jordan Village’s closets for over 20 years. Hand-selected for women of every shape, size and sophistication, this boutique does a fantastic job of highlighting Canadian designers and their dedication to honouring each piece.

Tintern Road + Jack Style Collective

This store in the Niagara Benchlands is ideal for couples and families visiting Jordan Village together. The Tintern Road brand was built to bring haute couture to women’s everyday fashion, while the Jack brand was made to suit the diverse needs of fashionable men. Visit this upscale store to learn how it earned a spot on Flare Magazine’s “Top 10 Boutiques” list.

Valley Jewellers

Known for the delivery of impeccable service and a selection of jewellery you simply will not find elsewhere, Valley Jewellers is the place to go to find a superior token of your love and appreciation for someone special. Enjoy a completely personalized shopping experience – complete with the uniqueness you expect to find within a shop this eloquently designed.

Beauty. Body. Home

Shop natural products at stores in the Niagara Benchlands

If you are searching for all-natural products to beautify your lifestyle, look no further than Beauty. Body. Home – a shop that reconnects people with the planet in ways that serve all their needs, mind, body and spirit. From the plant-derived beauty section through to toxin-free products for your home, these items will help you look good and feel good while knowing you are doing good.

Jordan Design Co.

After visiting Jordan Valley in the Niagara Benchlands, we can understand why you would want to live here. Make that dream a reality with Jordan Station Design Co. An award-winning architectural design firm, Jordan Station Design Co. specializes in designing awe-inspiring residential homes that seamlessly balance modern luxury with sustainability and the type of comfort you want to settle into.

Wander the Unique Shops of the Niagara Benchlands

The Niagara Benchlands can stretch far and wide for those who are willing to explore its wonder. If you are looking to branch out a little further than Jordan Village, you will find farmers’ markets where you can pick up artisanal goods and delicious treats. There are also several wineries within a short driving distance, as well as craft beverage producers who will be glad to fill up your cup and shopping bags.

Book Your Getaway to the Benchlands 

Finish off a day of delightful shopping and enjoy the very best the region has to offer by reserving a table at a nearby restaurant or booking an overnight stay at Inn On The Twenty. Relax while you rest your head after a wonderful day of exploring, perusing and purchasing gifts and goods you will not find anywhere else. 

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