Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

Your wedding officiant will play a rather important role in your big day. They will not only set the tone for your ceremony, but also the remainder of your celebration. They are such an important part of your wedding that we’ve taken the time to list several questions you should keep in mind when you’re getting to know your officiant. 

You want everyone who is involved in your wedding to share your vision for your special day. These questions will hopefully help you determine which officiant is the best fit for your wedding plans – and how to move forward with organizing the role they’ll play in your ceremony.  

Most Importantly, Make Sure Your Officiant is Legally Sanctioned to Perform Your Ceremony. 

Don’t risk it. Ask for the proper documents to determine if your officiant is legally allowed to perform your marriage within the location you’ll be lawfully wed. We’re not just talking about a church or a hotel, you need to make sure your officiant is allowed to perform your wedding in the city of your choice.  

Confirm Their Availability

Before you dive into anything else, make sure your wedding officiant is available during the date and time you want to host your wedding. And, while you’re at it, make sure they have a reliable way of getting to your ceremony on time.  

Find Out if They’re Creative, Conservative or Collaborative.

Don’t be shy to ask your officiant if they typically use a script or personalize their wedding ceremonies. Chat with them about how much input you and your partner will get to put into the ceremony, and how much it will reflect the uniqueness of your romance. You want to be sure that your wedding ceremony truly reflects you two as a couple and an experienced officiant will help to do just that. 

Make Sure They’re Experienced – And Have References to Back It Up

One way to confirm if your officiant is the real deal is by touching base with couples they’ve previously married. They will be able to tell you how well the officiant performed – if they were on time, reliable and respectful of their wedding vision. Then, you can rest assured your day will align with what you’ve always hoped for. 

Let Us Host You – And Your Officiant – In a Gorgeous Venue 

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