Preparing your Flower Gardens and Lawn for the Cooler Months

How to prepare your flower gardens and lawn for winter

Now is the time to start putting your garden to bed for the winter!  Autumn yard clean up will lead to a more productive growing season next year as well as a healthy lawn. Below you will find a few ideas and tips from Clippings Floral Design so your Spring gardening season starts off on the right foot!

Cleaning up annuals and perennials

Begin by removing dying annuals and cut back herbaceous perennials.  Leaving these could cause disease to spread so be sure to compost or dispose of them in yard waste bags.  Collect any seed heads that you may want to save to replant next year.  Also consider leaving some plants in the garden that have interesting stalks or seed pods through the winter, when covered in snow these create a wonderful view from your window and attract wildlife.

Prepping your lawn for winter

For your lawn, rake leaves that have fallen from trees to protect the grass from mold and disease caused by rotting leaves.  Too many leaves piled on grass can also smother the grass over the winter.  Raked leaves can be mulched with a lawn mower and spread over tender perennials once the ground freezes for added protection through cold weather.

Cleaning your garden pots

Empty any garden pots into the compost.  Scrub the pots inside and out and store away in a shed or garage to prevent cracking from the cold.  They will be clean and ready to plant next spring.

Fall planting for Spring blooms

Flowering bulbs need to be planted now so they have a cold spell which initiates spring flowers.  Bulbs should be planted approximately 6” deep.

Plant new trees and shrubs in the fall as the cool weather will allow them to establish a good root system before going dormant for the winter.  Make sure to plant them 6 weeks before the ground freezes.

Protecting your shrubs from the harsh winter weather

Wrap any tender shrubs with burlap to protect them from harsh winter winds which can cause too much moisture loss.  If the shrub is young or delicate, create a “cage” around the plant using stakes and/or chicken wire to hold up the burlap and prevent snow and ice from crushing the shrub.

Following these simple tips will make spring clean up much easier and help keep your garden happy and healthy year after year!

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