How to Prepare your Perennial Garden for Spring

Flower arrangement done by Clipping’s Floral Designs from Vintage Hotels

Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the spring weather, and what better place to do it than in your garden.

Below are a few tips to help you get that perennial garden in shape to ensure you have beautiful blooms all summer long!

  1. Rake up any dead leaves and debris, being careful not to uproot any perennials that have just started to emerge.
  2. Cut back any old dead growth of deciduous grasses and herbaceous perennials.
  3. Divide any plants that are getting too large and replant in other areas, this is a great way to extend your gardens or share and/or exchange with other gardeners.
  4. Prune your summer flowering shrubs, such as rose and clematis.
  5. If you need to move any deciduous shrubs, do it before new growth starts for the year, and be sure to dig a large root ball to minimalize transplant shock.
  6. Bring your gladiolus bulbs and dahlia tubers out of winter storage and prepare to replant.
  7. Now is the time to build trellises and support structures for your climbing/weaker plants before they get too big which makes them much more difficult to control. Also paint/repair any existing structures.
  8. Take note of any empty spaces from plants that may not have made it through the winter, this gives you the opportunity to take a look for new and exciting varieties to add to your collection!

These tips are provided by Clipping’s Floral Design’s brilliant Designer, Jennifer Holmes. 

Clipping's Perennial Gardens Tips

About Clipping’s Floral Designs

Clipping’s is Vintage Hotels in-house floral design team. Our talented designers are responsible for the incredible floral displays in our hotels and also provide wedding and special occasion floral designs. Follow the team on Instagram for a look at their work.

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