Holiday Peacock Wreath

Holiday Peacock Wreath

Get ready to celebrate Christmas in style! This stunning wreath from Clippings Floral Design showcases the opulence of jewel tones and the beauty of peacock feathers. No other decorations necessary, this wreath is absolutely stunning.

What you will need

🦚12” foam wreath frame

🦚 24 peacock feathers (approx. number)

🦚 Green sheet moss

🦚 Hot glue

🦚 Hot glue gun

🦚 Snips

How to Assemble

  1. Lay your foam wreath frame on a covered work surface.
  2. Glue sheet moss onto the frame totally covering the front and sides.
  3. Using snips, cut the shaft of the peacock feathers 2-3 inches below the “eye” of the feather.
  4. Remove the bottom barbs from the side of the feather so you have a clean half inch of shaft for inserting into the foam.
  5. Starting at the top of your wreath and working in a clock wise fashion, insert the cut shaft of the feather into the frame on a slight angle so the feathers lay like pictured.  Use a dab of glue where you inserted the feather to secure the feather in place.  
  6. Continue inserting feathers until the wreath is fully covered.  You may need more or less feathers to complete the wreath depending on the size of your feathers. Hang your wreath and enjoy!

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