Harvest Table Centrepiece

A fall basket filled with pumpkins.

Embrace fall decorating season and transform your dining room with this tiered, statement making harvest centerpiece. You’ll use pine cones, oranges, Kumquats and fresh greenery to create a centrepiece that promises a cozy and beautiful dining experience. This fall décor idea is compliments of Clippings Floral Design.

What you will need

🍂 3 baskets, small, medium, large

🍂 Clear thick plastic

🍂 Scissors

🍂 Snips

🍂 Pine cones

🍂 Oranges

🍂 Cloves

🍂 Kumquats

🍂 Fresh greenery

🍂 Candle

🍂 Fresh floral foam

🍂 Wood skewers

🍂 Floral wire

How to Assemble

  1. Cut and line each basket with thick clear plastic. Garbage bags will work. This is to prevent water from escaping out of the baskets.
  2. Soak floral foam in a sink of water until foam is thoroughly wet.
  3. Fill each basket with floral foam and stack baskets on top of each other, largest to smallest as pictured.
  4. Start by preparing all the elements that you will be using in your arrangements.
  5. Firstly, make pomander balls with your cloves and oranges. Simply insert whole cloves into a fresh orange in a pleasing pattern. Then insert a wooden skewer into the base of the orange leaving about 2” sticking out. This is what will be used to secure the oranges into your arrangement.
  6. If your kumquats came on stems, the stems can be used to secure the kumquats, however if they have no stems insert skewers like with oranges.
  7. Using floral wire, wire the pine cones onto a skewer.
  8. Cut greens into 5-6” pieces.
  9. Now to assemble your arrangement start by inserting the candle in the top middle piece of foam.
  10. Next insert greenery, cones, oranges and kumquats until all the foam on all three layers is covered.
  11. Finally add some water to each layer to keep your greenery fresh and voila you have a beautiful autumn centerpiece!

For more gardening and floral design tips from Clipping’s visit https://bit.ly/3PfF3P2

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