Fall Décor Tip: Dried Floral Arrangement

Dried Hydrangea Floral Arrangement by Vintage Hotels

September marks the last planting season of the year and the perfect time to harvest a few late season blooms to bring into the house for a beautiful dried floral arrangement.

Hydrangeas are a great option for this, as they have a variety of brilliant colours that emerge as the weather cools. Different varietals yield different colours however even the same varietals can differ in colour depending on the amount of sunlight each bloom receives. We love the idea of taking blooms from a few different bushes to create an arrangement with a lot of visual interest.

Follow these steps to create a beautiful dried floral arrangement to enjoy all-year around courtesy of Clippings Floral Design.

💐 First pick a container that is deep enough to hold the large blooms. You can use a crock, basket or glass container.

💐 Next pick your hydrangeas, leaving a stem long enough to reach the bottom of the container that you have chosen. You may want to pick a few other things like greens or grasses that dry easily to accent the hydrangea.  Another option is to use some preserved eucalyptus that can be picked up at any florist or craft store for a nice highlight.

💐 Add about an inch or so of water to your container, or if you are using a basket that doesn’t hold water, just use an old coffee container or something as a “liner” inside the basket.  Just make sure you can’t see it once the arrangement is complete. The water will allow the flowers to dry slowly, retain their colour and prevent them from drooping as they dry.

💐 Next add your flowers/accents and arrange until you are happy with the overall shape. Placing large blooms in first and adding smaller ones second.

💐 Place your finished masterpiece in an area of your home away from direct sunlight which can fade the colours over time.

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