Cooking Classes in Niagara

The Good Earth Cooking Classes

The Green Belt is renowned for its foods and wines, so you must take advantage of the deliciousness by partaking in a cooking class and tasting during your stay in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Below, we chat about a number of different options that should appeal to everyone in your Niagara getaway group, so you can all sip and savour all the best parts of our region.

The Good Earth Cooking Classes

The Good Earth Food and Wine CO. combines a homey feel with high-quality foods and wines within a charming green-enshrouded oasis.

Since 1998, the company’s gardens, vineyards, and orchards have been setting a sublime backdrop for its chefs to create culinary masterpieces in the heart of Niagara’s wine country. Now, you can join in on the cozy fun during a wine-soaked two-hour cooking session that will leave you with a belly full from food and sore from laughter, as well as great tips for recreating your favourite dishes at home.

Address: 4556 Lincoln Avenue, Beamsville, ON
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Wine Country Cooking Class at Strewn Winery

Cooking Classes at Strewn Winery in Niagara Wine Country

Image courtesy of Strewn Winery

Do you love to cook and want to learn how to make a meal that will share your passion with your best-loved dinner guests? Spend your Saturday at the Strewn Winery in a five-hour cooking class that will take you from prep through to plating – with lots of yummy bites and wines along the way. Canada’s original winery cooking school, which has always positioned itself as a way for foodies to explore different flavours with a major focus on the main ingredient: fun. If you want to partake in truly immersive culinary experiences, get a big taste of bold Niagara flavour during one of the 5-hour hands-on cooking classes at the Wine Country Cooking School. Pair up with your favourite foodie and prepare a delicious three-course meal that pays homage to the season’s flavours and the region’s most celebrated wines.

Address: 1339 Lakeshore Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
Cooking class information and schedule

Indulge in a Cooking Class Weekend Getaway

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