Birdbath Planter for Spring

How to make a spring planter in your bird bath

Before the birds return this spring why not put your birdbath to good use and create a beautiful spring planter. Enjoy your planter until the end of spring then remove plants and soil to the compost. Wash out your birdbath and fill with water so it will be fresh and ready when the summer birds need a bath! This spring floral inspiration comes compliments of Clippings Floral Design.

What you will need

🌷 Birdbath

🌷 Potting soil

🌷 Flowering potted spring bulbs

🌷 Pussy willow stems (optional)

🌷 Moss

🌷 Garden gloves

🌷 Trowel

How to Assemble

  1. Place your birdbath in a focal area, preferably protected from rain if possible as there will be no drainage holes.
  2. Fill the birdbath with soil, you won’t need a lot because most birdbaths are fairly shallow. 
  3. Remove the bulbs from the pot they came in and tease apart the roots.
  4. Plant the flowering bulbs as deep into the soil as possible and pack the soil up around the bulbs to hold them in place. 
  5. If needed place pussy willow stems in amongst the taller stems to help hold them in place.
  6. Top soil with decorative moss to give a finished look.

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