5 Wedding Formalwear Rules for Grooms

Groom’s attire at Vintage Hotels

Your partner is going to stun you and your guests on your special day, but if you follow these formal wear rules and tuxedo tips for grooms, you just might give them a run for their money.

The groom’s attire deserves careful consideration when it comes to planning for the big day. Not only will the husband-to-be stand in front of the love of his life, family and friends, but his formal wear will also be featured in the majority of the wedding photos.

Canadian Groom’s Attire for His Wedding Day
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To help ensure our grooms look their best on the big day, we’ve collected some groom’s tips for looking in top form at your wedding – no matter what you wear:

1.Choose Your Suit or Tux Based on Your Vision for the Event

Groom’s Wedding Attire
Image courtesy of After Glow Images

Some weddings are more casual than others, while many weddings are extraordinary events where the bridal and groomsmen’s parties dress to impress. When deciding which suit or tux you want to don on your wedding day, consult with your partner and wedding planner to ensure you know exactly how formal you should dress.

2. Align Your Wedding Attire with Your Loved One

When judging which outfit to wear, you may want to make it a joint effort, so you complement each other. Of course, you can’t see your partner’s outfit before the big day, but if you two discuss some patterns, colour palettes and designs, they’ll be able to let you know what will work well with their wedding attire – and what may not.

Keep Your Shirt Colour In Mind

A small detail often overlooked is the colour of the groom’s shirt. If you plan on wearing a traditional white dress shirt on your wedding day, try and find out what shade of white, off white or ivory your partner will be wearing. If you keep your shirt colour within a similar tone, you will complement each other beautifully in photos.

3. Work with What You’ve Got

Suits and tuxedos need to be fitted to look their best, so likely the most important decision you’ll make regarding your attire is which look will best fit your body type. Different suits fit different bodies in more and less flattering ways.

If you’re tall and slim, tuxedos will look elegant and be well-suited to your frame. However, if you want to look more robust, you may want to consider a double-breasted option. Alternatively, if you are looking to appear more slim, your tailor may help you choose and fit your suit to ensure your waist looks cinched.

4. Proper Fit Is Key

Regardless of how expensive a suit is, if it doesn’t fit properly, it’s not the right one for you. Your suit needs to fit perfectly – plain and simple. If it’s too tight in the wrong spots, you won’t be able to move, dance or sit down comfortably. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if it’s too loose, you’re going to look sloppy. Ensure the sleeves and pant legs are tailored to the correct length.

Make sure your shirt is fitted and your neck accessory – be it a bow tie or more traditional style tie – is the proper width and snug fit for your attire.

 5. Look Great Alongside Your Groomsmen

Groom and groomsmen attire at Niagara-on-the-lake Wedding at Prince of Wales Hotel
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You have a ton of options to ensure you and your groomsmen are well-matched for your wedding celebration. Whether you want their ties to incorporate your suit’s colouring or you want to choose a particular gradation of a colour or shade, ensuring your outfits match even more closely, there are a wide variety of ways to look great alongside your favourite group of guys.

However, almost blending in with your boys doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. 

As the Groom, Add Some Personality and Stand Out

Use accessories, such as an elegant pocket square, cool socks or lavish corsage, to make your fashion mark as the groom. Not that everyone won’t already recognize your important role in the day, but no one needs to be shy during this once in a lifetime experience.

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