Will In-Person Meetings Ever Be the Same?

In-person meetings at Prince of Wales hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Though COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the format, function, and feel of meetings, Vintage Hotels has worked hard to adapt and thrive in this new normal. While many businesses are decreasing the scale of their in-person meetings, simultaneously there is still great potential to increase their impact. So, let’s look at how meetings have changed (for the better) and how your business can take advantage of these new trends in corporate get-togethers.

Covid-19 Has Changed the Way We Work

Many companies, who recognize the value of bringing people back together after so long but don’t want to throw a wrench in their employee’s work from home routines, are moving towards a collaborative model. By hosting important strategic meetings and professional development seminars in person, but still allowing for a work-from-home workweek, you can get the best of both business models.  

As the world reopens, it’s time to take advantage of this upward momentum and bring your teams together within our immaculate, innovative and flexible business meeting spaces that can accommodate organizations of all sizes. 

Adapting in-person meetings for Covid-19

A definitive dedication to hospitality

Long before the pandemic changed the ways we meet and work, Vintage Hotels welcomed Ontario’s most discerning corporate clients into meeting spaces that are not only supportive of innovative thinking but also pristine. Our standards of hospitality and cleanliness far exceed the average conference venue because our focus is on intimate, high-end gatherings rather than impersonal, large-scale affairs.  

As we open our doors to more corporate guests, we will continue to provide for all your needs and do so while adhering to the strictest health and cleanliness standards. From meticulously crafted menus through to upscale accommodations, your team members will feel safe and well cared for throughout the entirety of their visit.

Vintage Hotels adapts in-person meetings to meet Covid-19 requirements

Digital or outdoors, Vintage Hotels sets the perfect stage for your corporate gatherings

While our hotels and values remain timeless, our cultivation of a digital landscape for our clients reflects our dedication to innovation. Our meeting specialists will ensure you have all the technological advantages you need to be as digitally-forward as possible. Be it the latest in presentation equipment or Wi-Fi you can always rely on, we have your corporate agenda covered. 

Our venues offer a number of outdoor settings suitable for outdoor meetings and events of all varieties. Our newly established Gardens at Pillar and Post offer an abundance of beautiful green space to host your next private upscale event or show.  

Outdoor private events in The Gardens at Pillar and Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Should you want to exchange your digital initiatives for a wonderfully refreshing trip outdoors, Niagara-on-the-Lake is the perfect setting for an upscale corporate retreat. From partaking in a wine tour within our region’s favourite wineries through to participating in outdoor team-building activities, our corporate client services team will help you take advantage of Niagara’s exceptional landscape in ways that energize your whole team. 

Switch up the delivery with something truly delicious

After spending so many meals apart, it’s time to reinvigorate the dining experience with truly exceptional food. Allow our in-house catering staff to enhance your meeting with farm-to-table ingredients they will serve in accordance with your schedule. Indulge in a robust breakfast to start off a high-energy morning and end your days with Ontario’s top-rated fine dining restaurants for dinner: Vintage Hotels is exactly where you want to break bread with the stakeholders who fuel the success of your business.  

Brunch for an in-person meeting at Vintage Hotels

Plan an in-person meeting with Vintage Hotels

It’s time to leave the virtual boardroom and host an in-person meeting in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Partner with Vintage Hotels to deliver on a strategic planning session or team-building retreat that will set the stage for collaboration and a much-missed sense of comradery. While the virtual lifestyle has enabled us to make it through two very difficult years, now is the time to stop just getting by and get back to a more human way of working.  

Reach out to our meeting services team today and learn more about the corporate lifestyle we create within our hotels. Whether it’s our beautifully appointed boardrooms or award-winning spas and restaurants that bring you here, we commit to cultivating a safe, enjoyable experience that will bring you together. 

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