Summer Gardening Tips: Beneficial Flowers for your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden in Summer

Planting flowers in your vegetable garden not only adds a beautiful dimension to your garden but also improves biodiversity by attracting beneficial insects and reduces unwanted pests, as well as, a few other benefits! Following these tips from Clippings Floral Design your vegetable garden will thrive and look beautiful all summer long.

Flower options for your Vegetable Garden

☼ Marigolds are a great addition. They repel insects like hornworm and beetles and draw other pests away from your veggies.  Marigolds are also edible and great on salads.

☼ Sweet peas are great at attracting pollinators such as bees and smell wonderful in your garden!

☼ Sunflowers produce lots of nectar for beneficial insects and can also act as a trellis for plants like cucumbers, squash and beans.

☼ Chamomile attracts pollinators and makes a great tea. The deep roots also bring nutrients from lower in the soil up to make them more accessible to other plants.

☼ Lavender repels unwanted pests and is great for making lavender shortbread and essential oils.

☼ Cosmos attract bees and deter aphids, thrips and scale.

☼ Borage is an edible herb with blue flowers that bees love! The flowers and young leaves are used in salad and have a subtle cucumber taste.

It’s not too late to expand your vegetable garden plan to add some of the flowers. Here’s to a garden that produces incredible vegetables all summer long!

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