Millcroft Inn’s Homemade Agnolotti

Making agnolotti pasta dough at The Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caledon

Recipe by: Dave Arseneau – Executive Sous Chef

This is a dish we often serve as a vegetarian feature here at The Millcroft Inn. It’s also one I love making at home. Ramps, or wild leeks, are harvested from the woods each spring not far from back door of the kitchen at the Millcroft. Ramps are an ingredient celebrated by many chefs and foragers as it is the first wild edible available to harvest each spring.

Homemade Agnolotti – Serves 4

Wild ‘Millcroft’ Ramp & Smoked Ontario Cheddar Pesto Filling, Sautéed Porcini Mushrooms & Wild Ramps, Porcini Mushroom Beurre Blanc

Equipment Needed:
Stand Mixer
Food Processor or Blender
Pasta Roller
Rolling Pin
Medium Saucepan x 2
Sautée Pan
Piping Bag
Fluted Pasta Cutting Wheel (you may use a knife instead)
Pastry Brush

300g All Purpose Flour
10 Large Egg (Yolks Only)
10g Salt
1 Whole Large Egg

Agnolotti Filling:
12pcs Wild Ramps – cut to 1 inch pieces (available at a Farmer’s Market in April – June)
(You may substitute 1 Leek – Julienned plus 2 cloves of garlic if you can’t find Ramps)
200g Smoked Cheddar Cheese
125g Goat Cheese
50mL Olive Oil
25mL Sherry Vinegar
½ Lemon – Juiced
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Beurre Blanc:
150mL Dry White Wine
100mL White Wine Vinegar
1# Bay Leaf
150mL Porcini Mushroom Tea
1 Cup Unsalted Butter – Cubed & Chilled
Pinch – Salt


For the Pasta Dough (may make up to one day in advance)

In a stand mixer with dough hook attachment, combine salt, flour & egg yolks – mix first on low speed. Turn speed up to medium once the egg starts to incorporate into the flour. Mix until the egg is fully incorporated into the flour – it should remain slightly tacky. (you may need to add either more flour or egg yolk to get the consistency correct).

Turn off mixer and transfer dough onto a work table – proceed to knead dough until it is a smooth mixture.

Wrap dough in plastic wrap and rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour. You may make the dough up to one day ahead of time and keep wrapped in the fridge.




For the Pesto Filling (may make up to 3 days in advance)

Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender at medium speed and blend until mixture is smooth.


Check for seasoning with Salt & Pepper and the acidity level. Add more of each if necessary. If the mixture is too acidic, balance with a little more of each cheese.

Place mixture into a piping bag and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes – you may prepare the pesto filling up to 2 days before using.

For the Agnolotti (Make the day of serving)

Remove the dough from the plastic wrap and use a rolling pin to flatten into a uniform rectangle roughly 1/4 of an inch thick.

Starting with the widest setting on the past roller, begin to feed your dough through the machine working your way up to the 3rd thinnest setting.

On a floured work table, place your sheet of pasta (you may have to cut it into two).

Using the whole egg, crack into a bowl and beat.




Brush the egg onto half of the sheet of pasta closest to you (this will help to seal the agnolotti).

Cut roughly 1 inch of the tip of the piping bag and pipe a long cylinder of filling onto the pasta sheet roughly 1 inch in diameter, and 1 inch from the edge of the sheet of pasta on the side closest to you.

Roll the edge of the pasta over the filling and tuck the edge just under the filling.

Lifting from under the sheet of pasta, roll the pasta with the filling one for time and gently press down to seal it.


Using the edge of your hand, seal both ends of the pasta filling, and then press down in 3-4 inch increments to separate your agnolotti – press firmly to ensure a proper seal.

Using your pasta cutter (or a knife) cut along the pasta filling roughly ½ of an inch away from the filling. Then separate each agnolotti – place on a floured plate or baking sheet and refrigerate.


For the Beurre Blanc (make as close to serving as possible)

In a medium sauce pan over high heat, combine the white wine, white wine vinegar, 150mL of the mushroom liquid and bay leaf until a thick syrup remains (turn down heat when you are close to this point so you do not over reduce the liquid).

Reduce heat to low – add a pinch of salt and then slowly start to whisk in cubes of butter a few at a time.

Once all of the butter is incorporated, increase heat to medium high and continue to whisk (DO NOT STOP WHISKING) until your mixture reaches a boil.


Remove from the heat and reserve your sauce.

To finish, in a sautée pan, sautée mushrooms & ramps in olive oil and season with Salt & Pepper to taste.

Boil your Agnolotti until they begin to float. Strain off the water and toss your agnolotti in the frying pan with your mushrooms & ramps.


Plate by laying your mushrooms & ramps down, then your agnolotti on top. Drizzle your beurre blanc over top of the pasta, and garnish with a little more crumbled smoked cheddar.


I know you’ll enjoy making this meal at home as much as I do! Enjoy!

Dave Arseneau – Executive Sous Chef
The Millcroft Inn & Spa

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