How to Organize the Perfect Potting Shed

For any gardener who sows seeds and pots up seedlings on makeshift tables, the perfect potting shed is high on the list of dream garden additions, a peaceful place to plot and plan, and an outdoor retreat on stormy days. Read on to learn about everything you need to create your own potting shed compliments of Clippings Floral Design.

A Potting Table

One of the most important things for a potting shed is a practical workbench. An old table will work great as long as the height is comfortable to work at. If possible, add a slight raised side to the back and side edges of your table so that compost and other materials don’t fall off the table.


Use sturdy bins to store compost and potting soil. Locate them under your potting table so they will be out of the way yet handy when needed.

Place hooks on the wall next to your potting bench to hang tools where they are easy to reach. As well as your favourite gardening hat.

Lots of shelving above your potting table is the perfect area to store extra pots of different sizes, watering can, scissors, twine, labels or anything else small that you don’t want to lose.


It is very helpful to have a water source in or near your potting shed. Either an outdoor tap with hose to fill your watering can or ideally an old sink that you can install right in your potting shed so that you can use it to water plants, wash pots and even your hands!


Make sure you save a small space for a comfy chair or if your space isn’t very big a small stool. Just a place where you can sit to have a cold drink or rest in the shade after a long afternoon of gardening.  This goes a long way to make your potting shed an enjoyable space to be!

Once you have your potting shed all set up you will know where to find specific things when you need them and will have all of the tools needed to get your gardens started early.

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