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Environmentally-conscious Hotel

Vintage Hotels is committed to the preservation of our environment. In 2007, we adopted a company-wide mandate to minimize our impact on nature without compromising the exceptional level of service we provide our guests.

We are proud of our continuous improvement in supporting this cause. To date we have achieved many successes through the development of best practice standards launched in a broad range of initiatives. A corporate committee regularly reviews ongoing environmental initiatives and opportunities.

Significant changes in the areas of water and energy conservation, waste management, indoor air quality and environmental management have earned our hotels recognition for their efforts. The Hotel Association of Canada has awarded Prince of Wales, Queen’s Landing and Pillar and Post ratings of 4 Green Keys in its Green Key Eco-Rating Program.

With a firm belief that such an undertaking requires commitment at every level, we have invited our guests to participate in the success of our programs. Vintage Hotels wishes to thank our valued guests for their shared commitment to this very worthy endeavor.

Our main environmental initiatives are outlined below:

Water Conservation
  • We offer our guests the choice to reuse their towels and linens in order to conserve water and energy.
  • Queen’s Landing guest bathrooms have been renovated to include low-flow toilets and showerheads designed to use less water.
  • A number of cleaning formulas were changed to shorten laundry cycles and conserve water.
Energy Conservation
  • Incandescent lighting has been changed to compact fluorescent and LED lighting in public and guestroom areas, reducing our energy use by up to 75%.
  • Energy automated systems were installed in guestrooms to prevent abnormal, wasteful or unsafe operation while maximizing energy savings in vacant rooms.
  • We have installed energy efficient appliances and reduced pollution through our use of heat pumps for guestroom heating and cooling.
  • Magnets were installed on our gas piping at each gas appliance to ensure a cleaner burn minimizing fuel consumption.
  • HVAC units are controlled by VAJ controllers. We plan a change to inverter drives to control hydro for heating and cooling systems.
  • We replaced all large, dense evergreens from the front area of Queen’s Landing with decorative trees to allow much more natural light through our windows, thereby reducing the amount of artificial light required in the rooms.
  • Black out blinds are installed on most guestroom windows. Our guests are encouraged to use the blinds to assist with cooling the rooms during the summer months.
Land Preservation
  • Our restaurants offer organic food choices on their menus thereby supporting the elimination of chemical pesticide use, hormones and fertilizers leaching into our natural resources.
  • Our restaurants promote the use of locally-grown ingredients, thereby supporting local producers and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.
  • Our spa treatments use products that are cruelty-free and contain natural ingredients.
  • Organic rather than chemical fertilizers are used on hotel grounds.
Recycling & Waste Management
  • The company supports recycling for the hotels’ waste and has organized and implemented a hotel-wide recycling program in offices, kitchens and staff lounge areas.
  • Recycling bins are available in all guestrooms and meeting rooms.
  • We reduce waste by minimizing our use of disposable dishware and silverware.
  • All food waste from our kitchens and restaurants is separated and picked up by an environmental disposal service.
Clean Air
  • Our ventilation systems use fresh air and filter all used air for the benefit of our guests and staff.
  • All guestrooms have windows that can be opened for fresh air

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Vintage Hotels is Green Key Eco-rated

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