DIY Holiday Home Décor Tip: Succulent Christmas Trees

DIY Holiday Home Décor Tip: Succulent Christmas Trees

Make your own gorgeous DIY Succulent Christmas Tree from Clippings Floral Design to showcase this season’s spirit! And the best part is, with proper care, you can keep the succulent display alive just as long as a live tree.

What you will need

Chicken wire

Low dish or saucer

Sphagnum moss

Long pins

Assorted succulents

How to Assemble

  1. Shape your chicken wire into a cone shape, slightly smaller than what you want your finished cone to be.  Secure the edges by bending the wire back on itself to lock it in place.
  2. Fill the wire cone with sphagnum moss, it should be packed firmly.
  3. Submerge the cone in water until soaked thoroughly, remove from water and allow to drain.  Place cone in dish.
  4. Remove roots from succulents or use succulent cuttings and “plant” succulents into the moss by creating a small hole in the moss and inserting the succulent.
  5. Pin the succulent in place to secure.
  6. Repeat until your cone is covered.
  7. Give it a finishing touch by adding a star on top and/or a few small baubles.

Your succulent tree will last through the festive season and when the holiday is over the succulents can be removed and planted in pots so you can continue to enjoy them into the spring and summer!

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