DIY Easter Centerpiece using Wildflowers and Asparagus

Create this unique centerpiece for your Easter table by just using a few flowers and vegetables compliments of Clippings Floral Design. Asparagus is the vegetable of the season right now and it looks beautiful combined with flowers from your spring garden.

What you will need

Low dish or plate

Cylinder vase/straight sided vase

Flowers/greenery of your choice to fill the vase




Ribbon Scissors

How to Assemble

  1. Trim the bottom of each stem of asparagus so it will sit flat as well as uptake water.
  2. Place elastics over the cylinder vase, one near the top and another near the bottom.
  3. Take each trimmed asparagus and place under the elastics to hold it up against the cylinder vase.  It may be easier to have a friend help with this part, one to hold the vase, the other to insert the asparagus.
  4. Continue to insert the asparagus until you have completely surrounded the vase. Adjust the pieces so they sit flush when on the plate.
  5. Attach ribbon around the elastic to make it look more decorative.
  6. Fill your cylinder vase with water and design your flowers, or buy a premade handtied bouquet and insert into vase, trimmed to size. Place arrangement on low dish/plate and add just enough water to plate to cover bottoms of asparagus so they won’t wilt.

Enjoy your creative Easter display!

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