DIY Carrot Door Hanger for Spring

Brighten up your front door this spring using a fun DYI design from Clippings Floral Design. Colourful tulips, feathery greenery and ribbon come together to create a unique and Easter themed door hanger in the shape of a bunch of carrots!

What you will need

Orange artificial tulips (approx. 50 heads)

Feathery artificial greenery (1 bunch)

Wide ribbon

Floral wire

Floral tape

Wire cutters


How to Assemble

  1. Using wire cutters, cut tulips into long stems.
  2. Starting with the longest bottom tulip, using the floral tape, attach two tulips to the stem of the first stem.  Ensuring the tips of the tulips sit at the base of the previous tulip.
  3. Continue in this fashion adding more tulips as you go up to create a triangle shape as pictured.
  4. Once all of the tulips are in place, add the feathery greenery to the top to make it look like the carrot greens then wire all together tightly to make your “bunch of carrots”.
  5. Add a piece of wide ribbon around the binding point to hide your mechanics and tie with a bow.

Hang on door and enjoy!

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