2019 Bridal Beauty Trends

Smokey Bridal Makeup 2019 beauty trend

It’s important to look and feel your best on your wedding day, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the top 2019 bridal beauty trends that have been – and will continue to – make Canadian brides feel gorgeous on their special day.

Try out a couple of these signature hair and makeup trends that are easily customizable to your personal taste to see how you can feel your most beautiful when you say, “I do.”

Bridal Makeup Trends for 2019

Let your bridal personality shine on the big day. From natural and minimalist, to bold and beautiful, here are some of the top bridal makeup trends that will be big in 2019.

Smokey Eye

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Smokey Bridal Eye Makeup
Smokey Bridal Makeup by Beyoutiful Brides

The smoky eye is very sexy, but admittedly, it can also be a bit heavy for certain brides. That’s why clever makeup artists have come up with the ingenious alternative of the blurry eye. It maintains the trendy shape of the original, but you can leverage a broader range of colours and apply it in a more muted and lighthearted fashion.

By smudging the colours to remove a heavy-set dark line across the lid, you’ll still get a dramatic look, but without feeling like your eyeshadow is wearing you.

Metallic Eye Makeup

Heavy Metal Chic

Metallic Bridal Makeup in Niagara
Metallic Bridal Makeup by Beyoutiful Brides

Your wedding is the time to, quite literally, shine. Metallic eyeshadows and highlighters are a gorgeous way to highlight your features and play up your glamourous side. Choose from gunmetal grey through to rose gold and copper to discover which metallic makeup works best with your complexion and the vision you have for your wedding day.

Bold Lip Colours

Power Pout

Bold Bridal Makeup in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Bold Bridal Lip by Honor Beauty

When the rest of your makeup is subtle and natural, a wonderful way to spice up your look is to add a rich, red pout. There are so many selections of red lipstick nowadays if you’re set on a stand-out pout, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect shade. Not to mention, deep red lipstick, with purple undertones, makes your teeth look whiter and your lips look more luscious – winning!

Natural, Minimal Bridal Makeup

Less Is More

Natural Bridal Makeup in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Natural Bridal Makeup by Honor Beauty

Many brides are opting for more minimalist, and natural makeup look for the big day. Barely-there makeup that enhances the bride’s natural beauty and makes for a more light and airy style that brides feel comfortable wearing from the wedding day brunch to the last dance of the night.

Bridal Hair Trends for 2019

From elegantly tousled to sweetly side, swept, here are some of our favourite bridal hairstyles for 2019.

Half Updos

Half up, fully fabulous

Half Up Bridal Hair in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Half Up Bridal Hair courtesy of Bridal Beauty

One of the questions that haunts many brides leading up to their wedding day is, “How am I going to wear my hair?” This may seem trivial, but depending on the weather, you’ll have more to consider than you think because you want your hair to look good throughout the day, but also during your evening reception.

The perfect compromise? A half-up and half-down hairstyle. This look creates an accentuating structure around your face that will highlight your features and make your eyes pop. As well, this hairstyle seamlessly enables you to incorporate flowers or other decorative hair pieces – or looks perfect as is!

Imperfect, Messy Bridal Hairstyles & Updo

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

Messy Bridal Updo & Hairstyles
Perfectly-imperfect Bridal Hair by ALLURE Hair & Makeup

Gone are the days of tight, uniform curls, set in place with heaps of hairspray. Today, brides are opting for more casual and intentionally messy bridal hairstyles. Whether it be face-framing waves, loose locks or a low-key and low-set chignon, these casual bridal hairstyles are here to stay.

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